Our skilled artisans craft each piece with care and love, making every piece unique and a work of art. Each piece of our collections has been chosen for their sense of grace, style and charm. They are individually handcrafted, hand polished and finished. Any imperfection or variation indicates that each piece is indeed handcrafted and adds value making the product a work of art. 

  1. Each piece is made from food safe aluminium.
  2. Remove food soon after use.
  3. Do not put in microwave oven or dishwasher.
  4. Hand wash with mild soap, water and soft sponge.
  5. Towel dry immediately to avoid water spots.
  6. Do not soak in water.
  7. Do not use detergents with any citric acids or vinegar.
  8. Do not use abrasive cleaner, steel wool, which can scratch the surface or polish.